Develop your business better and faster

Develop your business better and faster with LodestarThat was and still is the mantra of Lodestar Management Services Ltd, set up in 2002 by Ian Jameson. Ian worked in world class market-leading multinationals and with start-up Companies for over 20 years, with experience at Director level in the UK and abroad.

For over ten years Lodestar has been guiding various companies across diverse industries from automotive manufacturing and distribution to supply chain and software development. In each case the companies Lodestar has worked with have improved their communications, grown their sales and in some cases have launched new products, often in challenging markets.

That is why our underlying principle is one of “pointing you in the right direction.”

Client base

  • SME’s (small and medium sized companies).
  • Large multinational companies.
  • Overseas companies looking to enter the European market.

We also specialise in helping bring new products to market in the automotive and transportation sectors.